Booking Conditions


When you sign up for a Yoga Teacher Training, Retreat, or workshop, you agree to the following booking conditions:


Payment is made via Stripe to VIM Yoga Academy. If you wish to pay another way contact one of the teachers. 

For Yoga Teacher Trainings and retreats, a registration fee may be required in some cases to confirm your spot, with final payment due at least 45 days before departure. The registration fee is non-refundable.

Cancellation and Right of Withdrawal

When you sign up for a Yoga Teacher Training or retreat , you have a 7-day right of withdrawal from the date your spot is confirmed, not from the date of payment. If you book less than 7 days before the start of an event, you do not have a right of withdrawal. Full billing applies in case of absence.


No refunds are provided. We plan and prepare our activities with full dedication, counting on participants who intend to come to honor their commitments to pay and attend.

Of course, we understand that life can happen, regardless of your plans. For the sake of fairness and consistency, we do not make exceptions to the refund policy.

If you have booked a retreat orYoga Teacher Training and encounter an obstacle, you can transfer your spot to another participant. This is something you arrange and coordinate yourself. If you become seriously ill or face an emergency, contact VIM Yoga Academy to explore the possibility of transferring your spot to a waiting list or attending another time. Please note that this is not guaranteed.

By registering, you agree to these terms and commit to paying according to what’s agreed for the retreat or training, whether you actually participate or not. In case of unforeseeable events beyond the organizer’s control, force majeure is applied, which means events beyond our control as the organizer that affect the conditions for fulfilling the agreement or conducting the event.

Canceled Events

If a retreat or Yoga Teacher Training you have registered for and paid for is canceled, every effort will be made to provide a full refund