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It was a year or so after my second daughter was born, and I found myself having two kids under two years old, something that affected my energy and motivation for self-care and sef-love. 

To be honest, I was exhausted. 

I knew that if I exercised, I would gain more energy, but it was just so hard to find the energy to even start. 

In order to get inspiration I created an inspirational board on Pinterest, and browsing pins I saw people doing yoga, but being in the most fascinating poses! 

This was not the kind of yoga I’d been doing, this was something else. 

One of the yogis on my Pinterest board had classes online, and there was no hesitation when I signed up for a year to the platform where she was teaching. 

This was the start of something new for me. It wasn’t just exercising, it was caring for myself, being present with my body and my breath, challenging myself in new ways, working both my inside and my physical appearance. 

After a while I found myself more fit than ever before, and at the same time more present with my family and my girls. Kinder, more compassionate and loving toward the world. 

Who would’ve imagined that yoga could do this to someone?! 

I was so in love with yoga, with the practice and the feeling it gave me. 

And that’s when the idea sparked. 

What if I could give this to others?

What if I could help people experience what I just experienced?

What if I could become a yoga teacher? 

And so I did. 

And now the circle will close, as my yoga school VIM Yoga Academy opens the doors to apply to our 200hr Online Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, March 29 – June 23!

This is a training that will set you up to become an amazing yoga teacher, but it can also be a way to deepen your knowledge and practice in yoga, or a top-up to your yoga teacher education, adding the aspect of creative sequencing and Vinyasa Flow. 

You find the details here

If you are serious about applying and want to chat with med and my colleague Moni you can book a free call here. 




Have we met?

Haven’t had the chance to meet us or take a class with Emilie or Moni, but feeling really curious about this training?

Let’s talk. This way we can get a feeling for if we’re a good fit for each other.

You can ask any questions you have about us and the training, and we’ll listen to what you seek in a yoga teacher training.

Click below to book a call with us! 

/ Moni & Emilie 


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